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./Administrative Officer

Antananarivo - Madagascar

Full time

Administrative Officer

The Administrative Officer will join the Finance & Administration team of our dynamic, internationally-operating company.

In the context of a globalized work environment, our group extends across multiple international subsidiaries, fostering a corporate culture where remote collaboration is common and valued. This international openness is a cornerstone of our corporate identity, providing a wealth of interactions and professional opportunities.

Position in the Team:

The position falls under the direct responsibility of the Finance & Administration Manager and integrates into a compact and efficient team of three people. Notably, one of our key colleagues operates from Madagascar, highlighting our flexibility and ability to work effectively despite geographical distance.

Key Responsibilities:

As an Administrative Officer, your responsibilities will be varied but not limited to:

  • Management of purchases and supplies.
  • Administration of office infrastructure, including maintenance and necessary improvements.
  • Management and monitoring of computer equipment and others.
  • Management of the company's generic email boxes, ensuring smooth and effective communication.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of suppliers to optimize quality and costs.
  • Ordering and management of certificates and other administrative documents.

Skills and Qualities Sought:

To join our team as an Administrative Officer, we are looking for a profile with the following skills and qualities:

  • Academic Background: A Bachelor's degree focused on administration or finance, reflecting a solid theoretical foundation for the responsibilities of the position.
  • Organization and Rigor: We value candidates who are structured, organized, and rigorous, capable of efficiently managing various administrative tasks with precision.
  • English Proficiency: Excellent ability to communicate in English, both in writing and orally, is essential for navigating our international environment.
  • Communication Skills: A strong aptitude for oral and written communication, enabling clear and effective interaction with various stakeholders.
  • Office Tools Proficiency: A good mastery of modern office tools, especially O365 (Office, Teams, SharePoint), is important for this position.
  • Learning and Dynamism: We are looking for a candidate with a high learning ability, dynamic, and demonstrating initiative.
  • Interest in Information Technology: An interest in IT and technology is an asset, as it facilitates adaptation to our systems and processes.
  • Knowledge of Odoo: Experience with the Odoo ERP would be a plus, although not essential.

Join Us:

If you are passionate about administrative management and want to join a dynamic team in an international context, send us your CV and cover letter. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and developing the potential of our company together.


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