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Recipe for successful hybrid work

Posted 2 Years ago

Here are a few tips on how to make teleworking work for every employee.

Teleworking has survived the pandemic, or maybe it's the other way around... It is now popular with 32% of Europeans, up from 17% in 2018. With teams around the world and different applications for different employees, IT services have become essential to the smooth running of businesses.

A modern, teleworking-friendly IT landscape

IDG research shows that 81% of corporate IT managers are overwhelmed by the functional aspects of their jobs. Some have great difficulty in identifying and understanding the real needs of users. When teleworking, they tend to find themselves alone and unprepared for technological challenges and no longer work as effectively as they do in the office.

There is no longer any need to demonstrate the importance of equipment and solutions to ensure that every employee can perform well wherever they are. However, the personal IT equipment of employees is not the only point to be taken into account, it is the whole IT ecosystem of companies that must be considered (the choice of computer equipment, software solutions to be implemented, the ERP to be used, telephone solutions, cybersecurity, etc.). It is essential to organise work in such a way as to aim for and combine performance and employee well-being.

A trusted partner for secure remote working

Offering employees the possibility to work from home or a shared environment is not without risk. It inevitably leads to multiple points of entry and facilitates access to organisations' systems.

According to Fortinet and F-Secure, a significant portion of corporate security breaches are caused by remote workers. In order to avoid these multiple risks, users must be made aware of their existence and provided with security tools. Obviously, the use of anti-virus software and firewalls is paramount, but security updates and active monitoring of company security are also necessary.

It is important to be selective, both in terms of who is allowed to telework, but also to be clear about what types of locations and how they are allowed to do so. It is common to define protocols and rules for generating secure passwords so that they are quite complex and at the same time define how often they should be changed.

However, thanks to two major cybersecurity players, you can get help to detect these flaws and solve them with constructive and sustainable solutions. It is of course recommended to carry out a security audit before thinking about implementing an appropriate strategy.

Peace of mind

Unfortunately, a security strategy, however comprehensive, cannot protect against everything. It is necessary to have procedures to prepare for disaster scenarios and to protect oneself as much as possible.

It is advisable to have :

  • A DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) that defines how to recover lost data and determines how quickly and how soon the situation should be returned to normal
  • An automatic system of structured and verified backups so that lost or healthy data can be recovered at any given time
  • Predictive/proactive management of all equipment

Intelligent solutions for collaborative working

Having addressed the issue of security, it is now time to address the need for alternative information storage environments. 97% of traditional companies currently feel unprepared for a long-term hybrid working environment.

To enable employees to work effectively from home, effective collaboration tools are needed. For example, it is necessary to have the ability to have a contract signed electronically regardless of where the parties are located.

The implementation of an ERP or a collaboration system can allow for the rapid transmission of information and work on shared documents in complete security. However, the evidence is clear. Companies are not using them to their full potential.

Unique solutions, like you!

If necessary, employee support can be provided to facilitate the use of these tools. ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS trains users, customises these collaborative environments offered by Microsoft, Odoo, etc., all in perfect harmony with the needs of the organisations.

To support the implementation of hybrid work within companies and define an evaluation system (definition of KPIs), ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS intervenes and offers VIP services for managers as well as the provision of experts. With them, you can be sure to establish an efficient and comfortable hybrid work policy.

Contact their specialists to get support at all times and tailored to your needs!

Recipe for successful hybrid work