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Get a job as an IT consultant at ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS

Posted 2 Years ago

Have you responded to a job offer for an IT consultant on the ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS website or have you caught the attention of our talent scouts thanks to an impressive LinkedIn profile?

An initial phone call gave them an idea of your motivation. You have then completed and returned a technical and perhaps even a personality test. Now it's time to meet them. But are you Ready? Set, Go!

Preparing for your meeting with our IT recruiters

Before meeting Marie, Stéphanie, Laurianne or Julie, our IT recruiters, we advise you to first determine your professional objectives. Take another look at the detailed description of the position you are applying for. You will find important information that will help you answer the questions they will ask you.

Rest assured, candidates rarely meet all the requirements of the job description. Focus on your abilities and identify what your future employer is looking for first. Finding out about the company is also an excellent way to prepare yourself. Having a knowledge of the company's activities will help you feel more comfortable. Do not hesitate to prepare other questions to ask during the interview. This will demonstrate your interest even more.

About you

Your personality counts... and so do your skills! From technical tests to training, English is the basic language of IT. German can be an asset for a position in Germany or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
"We attach more value to skills than to diplomas. We also pay attention to the desire to learn. ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS pays particular attention to training, including certification. All of these are organised in consultation with each other. We do not offer company seminars, but courses based on the needs and desires of each individual. At ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS, we never take things for granted. You have to be aware of this from the start.

About us

Our recruiters have adapted to remote meetings, but still prefer handshakes and interviews over coffee. "For your convenience, we travel to the candidates. For those who are working elsewhere, it is easier to find an hour during the day than to go to one of the ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS offices. So we go as close as possible, to a nice pub for example. IT comfort starts here. In addition, being in a neutral environment encourages a more open discussion.

It's the day, you are about to meet the smiling faces of ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS. Dress smartly. Arrive well in advance and check the meeting place beforehand. Pay attention to your body language and the way you express yourself. Breathe in, breathe out, push the door open and be yourself: everything will be fine. Be prepared to tell your story clearly and explain any setbacks.

"The advantage of pre-testing is that we have a basis for discussion at the first meeting, but nothing beats a face-to-face conversation to find out more about the candidate's personality, background, career and needs. We also re-explain how ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS works and its philosophy: the candidate's interest must go beyond the job description. As a consultant, he or she will be the face of ABAKUS for our clients and, as such, the representative of our corporate culture: it is important that he or she be fully immersed in it.

You now have all the keys to an excellent interview. Think you're up to the task? Go to the jobs section of the ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS website, find the right opportunity for you and try your luck. Our recruiters will be happy to contact you if your CV is up to task.

The ideal CV of an IT consultant

One last piece of advice: "A CV is a first meeting in itself. You might as well give yourself every chance to succeed. "So avoid the old templates from 20 years ago: today there are a lot of tools to make your document attractive. Make sure that the reader can quickly get an idea of your profile. Some very experienced programmer candidates do not hesitate to provide us with two versions: a short one and a long one, detailing each of the projects they have been involved in. This is another practical way of anticipating our questions.

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Get a job as an IT consultant at ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS