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Economic development agency desperately seeking ERP

Posted 2 Years ago

Its 110 employees can now count on the ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS team, and on Odoo, to continue to make the province of Liège a sustainable, attractive and recognised living environment

SPI has been present in Liege since 1961 and has evolved with the times and the needs of its users. Its 110 employees can now count on the ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS team and Odoo to "continue to make the province of Liège a sustainable, attractive and recognised living environment". All in flexibility.

"SPI's initial mission is to find the best location for each company that requests it, a plot of land in a business park or a building for sale or rent," explains Pierre Castelain, spokesman for the Liege agency. "Then the economic world of Liège changed, and we followed suit, working in particular on the rehabilitation of industrial wasteland.

In addition to these two main activities, SPI has added a wide range of services over the years, including advice on public aid, support and data management. "Thanks to several large-scale projects, including the rehabilitation of the Val Benoît university campus, we have also acquired valuable experience as a project manager, which we put at the service of our public (cities, municipalities, OCMWs, other local authorities) and private clients, for the construction of buildings intended for the community, or for the renovation of property," explains Pierre Castelain.

What remained was to find an IT tool to match this diversification, which is both multiple and specific. "For a long time, each of SPI's divisions worked separately, without centralising information. The confinement and the remote work have crystallised their common desire to digitise certain procedures and to group together information. As an Odoo partner, we install, adapt and host solutions that use the Odoo business management tool. The ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS team knows the strengths and the innumerable adaptability of this software package and its integrated Apps. It was the ideal solution for an agency like SPI," explains Fabian Leroy, Business Analyst at ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS.

Module by module, the team customised the platform for SPI's 110 users. "We started with ticketing: everyone has a printer breakdown or an urgent IT question! Now that all the staff are familiar with the use of Odoo, we are working on the CRM. We are cleaning up the data and making it easier to interact with contacts and customers. The main thing is to automate as many tasks as possible for which there is no human added value, so as to free up time for those that require creativity and imagination," explains Fabian.

The next steps are marketing and business park management. "The great thing about Odoo is that once you have mastered one module, you can understand all the others, because they all work in the same way. The 110 SPI employees who took the first training course probably won't need to take a second one... but we're always there for them," adds Fabian.

"We wanted to make our employees' lives easier on a daily basis by offering a consistent tool that everyone can use. ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS took up the challenge," concludes Pierre Castelain. "And all of our employees are already praising the time savings and comfort.

Economic development agency desperately seeking ERP