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By Stephan Radermacher

Simple as Kubernetes !

Posted 4 Years ago

What is Kubernetes and what does it stand for?

Visiting their customers our experts are quite often asked: What is that all about “Kubernetes” and how it this linked to DevOps? Can you explain “Kubernetes” in simple terms so that we can comprehend at least a basic sense?

Well, we at ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS thought it would be fantastic to elaborate a response to those questions! Making the topic more tangible for a wider audience. It is for sure, Kubernetes will not only be discussed with IT pros, but also with non-technical IT people holding their stake in their company’s business applications. Hence, let’s go and understand in some sentences what it is about.

The word itself, “Kubernetes”, has its origins in the Greek language and means “sailing master”. The Red Hat technology evangelists Gordon Haff and William Henry explain it like this: “Kubernetes, or ‘k8s’, is an open-source platform that automates Linux container operations. It eliminates many of the manual processes involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications. In other words, you can cluster together groups of hosts running Linux containers, and Kubernetes helps you easily and efficiently manage those clusters.”

Container technology simplifies provisioning of resources for applications. Developers use container technology to faster bring their applications into production. Once the benefits of containers and Kubernetes are understood for application development, devops and delivery, their combination opens up many possibilities:

containers and Kubernetes can be used to revamp traditionally engineered software applications, to turn them into hybrid or multi-cloud implementations, and of course to develop new, cloud-native applications with speed and agility.

Red Hat’s chief technologist Dave Egts brings the following analogy: “You can think about a container orchestrator – like Kubernetes – as you would a conductor for an orchestra. In the same way a conductor would say how many trumpets are needed, which ones play first trumpet, and how loud each should play, a container orchestrator would say how many application server front end containers are needed, what they serve, and how many resources are to be dedicated to each one.”

Kubernetes are hence an orchestration layer that allows to more effectively run workloads using containers. Containerization is this trend that’s taking over the world to allow system administrators to run all kinds of different applications in a variety of different environments. When they do that, they need an orchestration solution in order to keep track of all of those containers and schedule them and orchestrate them. Kubernetes is an increasingly popular way to do that.

If you just started learning more about the topic, or if you want to exchange on it, do not hesitate to contact ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS to even dig deeper into “Kubernetes”. Our technology experts are happy to explore the benefits for your organization! … Always having one goal in mind: Making your IT even more comfortable…


Picture Credits: Valdas Miskinis / Pixabay

Simple as Kubernetes !