ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS - Your IT Comfort Expert!
ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS - Your IT Comfort Expert!


Presentation of our IT services to the Val Benoit community

Posted 2 Years ago

Sacha, the Val Benoit community coordinator, gave us a challenge. We were asked to pitch our company and talk about all our IT services in less than 1m30 with the help of a single slide!

Who had the nerves to get on stage?

Like other companies located in these magnificent buildings, we decided to take it up! On our side, it was obviously Philippe Houssier who decided to go for it. We let you discover the summary of his own presentation of ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS.

Our various range of IT services

"At ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS, we work on the principle that IT is as simple as electricity coming out of the socket. At least, that is our goal. So we are doing four things to achieve this.

The first thing we do is manage IT infrastructure. We manage all the IT equipment for small companies with between 2 and 500 people.

The second activity of ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS consists of selling IT products. We sell hardware, software and also cloud solutions. We mainly work with partners such as Azure, Amazon, Fujitsu, Lenovo and many others.

Like other colleagues in the room, we are working on Odoo applications. We have created a third department for the development of customised solutions in which we will develop specific applications for companies. Our teams of developers are mainly working on Odoo ERP at the moment.

The 4th activity is IT consultancy. This involves the provision of IT experts. These experts are sent on more or less long term missions to various clients, in particular for the European institutions, the Walloon Region or here in Liège at TotalEnergies.

That's it! But just remember one thing: IT comfort experts!"

If what we do is still not clear to you, I suggest you to head over to our social media to discover a glimpse of what we are working on!


A great team to work with

At ABAKUS, the concept of IT comfort has several dimensions.

We have a wide range of services available for public services, or small and medium-sized companies, on site and remotely, aimed at getting the most out of your IT infrastructure, in comfort. You can also rely on experts who understand your business, your constraints and your priorities, and who develop top quality apps and an ergonomic, efficient IT environment for you.

Our well-regarded, highly-trained, motivated experts use the skills, curiosity and enthusiasm needed to help you overcome every challenge. Job done!