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By Florian Stiernon

We are Microsoft Silver Partner: Cloud Solutions

Posted 2 Years ago

We have renewed our partnership with Microsoft. We are still a Silver Partner. This distinction is a testament to our expertise in implementing cloud solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

The condition for this distinction was to acquire 4 more new Office 365 customers in the last 12 months. We have exceeded this requirement with 10 new customers. They trust us and we thank them for that. They can enjoy the full integrated Office suite on multiple devices (smartphones and desktops) without worrying about anything.

Our goal now is to add a new competence to our panel, namely cloud productivity. With Office 365, we actually have the technical capabilities to implement productivity solutions. Our organisation is already supplying more than a thousand licences to customers throughout the region.

But what is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a general term used to refer to the provision of on-demand resources and services over the Internet. Cloud storage uses remote servers accessible via the Internet to store data and facilitate access to it. This means that the computer hard drive is no longer the most useful way to store your information.

The term "cloud office" refers to a suite of collaboration and communication tools. It combines email, file sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing and document management. Office productivity suites therefore include word processing or accounting software that can accesible from a web browser.

Why should you use cloud solutions ?

In its simplest form, cloud software offers users a way to work in sync from anywhere. Synchronisation also allows you to change documents and save them automatically in real time.

Indeed, nowadays, colleagues and employees share their files online. This type of solution is very effective in increasing productivity within associations and professional organisations.

There are many other advantages to using cloud solutions, but also some minor disadvantages. What are they?

Strengths and weaknesses

One of the advantages of the cloud is its flexibility. Cloud computing allows companies to be flexible and to grow. This software allows a company to concentrate on its core business and optimise the working time of each individual. The company is freed from the constraints linked to its computer equipment. Whether in terms of computing power, storage space or the number of users.

You only pay for the space and licences you actually use. Owning the best devices with lots of storage space is no longer necessary. You are billed for the actual costs and benefit from the large capacity. It's really easy to use and if you ever need help, we can help you through the transition.

Security has become a major concern. Some people have reservations about the privacy and security of data hosted outside the company. However, this type of software is fully secure. But without anti-virus, it is not viable to keep your data off-site. Your data is now stored elsewhere. If someone wanted to break into your premises and access your documents, they would be unable to physically collect them.

The disadvantages of cloud storage

The biggest problem with this type of storage is the access time and the dependency on the suite you choose to work with. If the company wants very specific features, it can be difficult to convince the provider to offer them. You really need to specify your requirements beforehand to ensure that they are taken into account. Make sure that the features you want are included in the software you choose.

Who are the main cloud providers?

Alibaba, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Odoo, ... Every IT giant is developing cloud solutions today. We compare them taking into account your needs. You will get feedback from our professionals who use and implement these solutions every day.

We provide experienced IT consultants assigned to your service. They will be able to advise you. Migration to the cloud may be a better option for you to save a large amount of information.

Storing and migrating data on cloud servers is not always an easy task. However, it can make teamwork easier.

Who uses the cloud?

According to studies, a majority of companies have already made the transition to cloud storage from on-premises storage. They are using their applications in the cloud for their entire operation.

We can help you get up to speed. We deploy and manage these types of applications on a daily basis for our customers. Our experts recommend using applications such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams and Skype Enterprise. They make sure you are up and running before they take over.

Has this article convinced you to change the way you work? Don't waste another minute and contact our experts via this online form.

We are Microsoft Silver Partner: Cloud Solutions