ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS - Your IT Comfort Expert!
ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS - Your IT Comfort Expert!


Delegate the management of your IT infrastructure

Posted 2 Years ago

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS does its utmost to help directors, managers and company directors to choose, manage and make the best use of all their IT equipment.

Our teams offer everyone the opportunity to work in a comfortable IT environment. However, how do we translate this concept of "IT comfort" into practice?

One objective: to make life easier and more comfortable


Comfort is an integral part of the DNA of ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS. Our experts, whose level of competence is guaranteed by a certification programme, make IT as easy to use as electricity coming out of a socket. 

We are firmly positioned as a solutions integrator, which means that we can cover all your IT needs and respond to a number of requests. Our multi-skilled specialists and targeted partnerships ensure an appropriate level of service.

After a complete audit of your equipment, we draw up an inventory and provide strategic advice for the evolution of your IT infrastructure. The applications to be adapted or implemented are presented and their interest is discussed with the customers.

The level of urgency or importance is also taken into account. The tickets and requests made to support are all classified into 3 categories. For each, a response time is defined (SLA). In all cases for less urgent requests, remote support is guaranteed within 4 hours.

IT experts at the service of SMEs


Our technicians rely on alliances with major brands such as Fortinet, Zyxel, Microsoft or Odoo to deliver and install computers, software, networks, servers and printers. They configure these devices to ensure optimal use. The end-user can then sit at his desk and carry out his tasks, however varied they may be, with peace of mind.

In fact, as soon as a new user joins an organisation, we make sure that he or she is up and running as soon as he or she starts work. We set up a system for managing the subscriptions and tools that the employee needs to have. In a similar way, for the company, the management of external parties can be taken care of (DNS, Internet provider, telephony, etc.).

Some organisations do not always have an IT specialist or IT department capable of quickly and permanently resolving all the problems that may arise. Unfortunately, failures, bugs or bad manipulations are frequent. Having such a service, which can be called upon at any time, guarantees the continuity of the organisation's activities.

Our partners who decide to take advantage of full support do not have to worry about anything. They benefit from the support of our reactive and multilingual support team, which can intervene remotely or on site to directly provide clear answers to the problems encountered.

Complete and preventive maintenance of IT assets


We set up preventive maintenance activities which, combined with monitoring agents (PRTG from Paessler), help to anticipate and avoid, in most cases, major breakdowns, backup problems or security breaches.

Together with the customer, we draw up DRP plans (disaster recovery plan). In the event of an incident, the priority and timeframe for recovery from the initial state are defined. The backup and data duplication solutions to be implemented are determined in advance. 

Although local storage allows for faster data recovery, it is common for hybrid solutions combining local and cloud storage to be adopted to avoid permanent data loss.

At the end of the month, we produce a full report. This report gives customers a complete overview of the interventions carried out, their timeframe, etc. They can therefore easily check that the SLA has been respected, that the requests were justified and define areas for improvement.

Why choose ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS as your IT partner?


"When you call on a support and technical assistance service, you need someone who is proactive, who reassures you, who juggles with your data or your equipment," explains Frédéric Fransolet, Senior System Administrator.

With a shareholder at the helm, we guarantee a fast and reliable decision-making process. Our managers understand the business and the situations our customers face because their teams use the same tools every day. It doesn't matter whether the client is the head of an SME or an employee of an administration, they know that every minute of downtime for them is a minute lost.

Are you looking for support from A to Z for the installation or adaptation of your IT equipment? We operate from Liège, Eupen, Würselen or Luxembourg. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions!

Delegate the management of your IT infrastructure