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ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS - Your IT Comfort Expert!


Company Presentation : Technifutur

Posted 2 Years ago

Our recruiters had the opportunity and pleasure to present ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS to potential candidates on two occasions.

Marie and Stéphanie have had their share of work lately... but this time they had a bit of fun.

Thanks to Maryline Wilmet, our company and the job of IT consultant no longer hold any secrets for the system administrators soon graduating from Technifutur.
We would like to thank the students for these shared moments and especially for your participation!

We are currently reviewing the problems encountered with the quiz!
If any Odoo Developers out there who would be willing to give us a hand with the Survey module, it would be much appreciated.

Promise, next time, no more failures!

Company Presentation : Technifutur