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ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS - Your IT Comfort Expert!

By Florian Stiernon

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is nominated to the Trends Gazelles 2022

Posted 2 Years ago

Today, we are proud to announce that ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS has been nominated for Trends-Tendances Gazelles 2022.

Each year, the Trends-Tendances editorial teams select several Trends Gazelles in each Belgian province.
Trends Gazelles are not selected thanks to fancy presentation or fantastic sales pitch.
Trends Gazelles are growing companies which are a source of inspiration for others entrepreneurs and an asset for local economy.

How are Trends Gazelles selected ?

They are selected on the basis of real growth figures:

  • Growth in added value over the last 5 accounting years
  • Growth in personnel
  • Growth in cash flow

Where does ABAKUS stand in all this?

ABAKUS distinguished itself among the small companies.
Indeed, the company is constantly creating new jobs since its creation and demonstrate a real healthy financial records to deserve the nomination.

It is an honour for us to be part of the most promising and fast-growing small companies in Liège.
Being recognized for our accomplishments despite the challenging times that we are currently undergoing is really satisfying.
Hard work pays off, our employees can all be proud of themselves.
Without their efforts, we certainly could not be nominated for those kind of reward.

We will only discover our final ranking in March, stay tuned for more updates in the following months. In the meantime, if you want to join our team and help us to make it again next year check now our several job offers !

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is nominated to the Trends Gazelles 2022