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ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS: comfort by nature

Posted 2 Years ago

Providing a comfortable and fulfilling working environment for every employee is the shortest route to happy customers.

"Together, we go much faster, and much further! This maxim from the French company Michel & Augustin became the maxim of ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS in 2012, when the Luxembourg company was founded. With the certainty that offering a comfortable and fulfilling working environment to each employee is the shortest route to happy customers.



"At ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS, we cultivate fun. It's really a strong value", smiles Frédérick Georges, Partner, responsible for Administration and Control. "Like empathy and benevolence, listening, curiosity and humility... which does not prevent ambition! With a growth rate of around 30% per year, and a workforce that has increased almost 20-fold in the space of 10 years, the company is now solid enough to respond to (and win!) a call for tender from large organisations.




"We work according to a continuous improvement model," explains Stéphanie Grignard, Employee Success Manager for Belgium. "The principle is as follows: we plan, carry out and measure. Then we take corrective action if necessary, regardless of which department we are attached to. Either on a daily basis, or through internal audits, or by using an external audit. And because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, we look after our employees from the moment they start work.



Every contact is an opportunity to make sure that everything works out, not only in terms of working hours and working environment, but also in terms of training, development and salary package. "What do I like best about ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS? The proximity: you don't have to go 50 steps up the ladder to find a sympathetic ear," says Marina Khodareva, Employee Success Manager for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany. "And once you have been listened to, you get a clear answer. This is a confidence-building and development factor."

Going beyond


Sport also helps to build strong bonds between colleagues: "In Luxembourg, we run together every Tuesday at lunchtime. It's not out of the question that we might start walking instead, in order to integrate as many sportsmen and women as possible on Tuesdays," explains Frédérick Georges. ABAKUS-IT SOLUTIONS also supports its employees in their sporting exploits, from cycle races to football matches, including a company trek in the Vosges. And there is one staff party per quarter, and per location. "The majority of our employees are made available to our customers: we want to give them the opportunity to meet each other, to get to know each other and to build lasting working relationships in a comfortable environment.

115 employees, spread over 5 locations in 3 European countries, of course. But ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is more than just numbers and data: it is a concentrate of goodwill and performance. The power of people.


ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS: comfort by nature