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Continuous Integration Architect

Posted 7 Months ago

We are currently looking for a “Continuous Integration Architect for Luxemburg” to support the business in achieving its objectives.

Tasks and responsibilities:

• He is an adopter of virtualization, containers and cloud infrastructure.

• He should love to automate everything that needs to be done more than once and will be in charge of migrating products using container technology such as Docker and container provisioning platform such as Kubernetes.

• He will also embrace reverse engineering of the legacy architecture and key flows, understand its key weaknesses and readiness such as security, reliability, simplicity, performance, operational agility and automation.

• Design out the weaknesses, work hand in hand with the technology architects and operational teams.

• The final goal is to transform the product/service portfolio into a full dockerized CD pipeline with fully automated build/deploy/monitoring/resiliency processes in a fully consolidated Docker environment with no unknown remaining legacy issues in terms of security, reliability, performance and operational agility.


Here’s what we are looking for in candidates:

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.

• Experience deploying and operating on public and private cloud framework; AWS, Azure, …

• Familiarity with service design in the context of cloud-based solutions.

• Experience as Technical Architect who has hands on experience delivering one to many containers’ projects.

• Experience on container architecture and how it is used in enterprise, with regards to Kubernetes.

• Experience to design and implement proof of concepts containerizing.

• Experience on Docker architecture, Kubernetes and Software engineering.

• Hands-on experience with container technology such as Docker.

• Hands-on experience with container provisioning platform such as Kubernetes.

• Experience in integrating automation solutions VRO/VRA, Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, Rundeck, Cfengine, Saltstack, Chef,… in a larger chain.

• Working knowledge of cloud management platforms.

• Ability to build collaborative working relationships with various internal and external stakeholders.

• Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations.

• Knowledge of ITIL functions and processes.

• Participate in the integration with collaborative tools and components.

• Promote and follow prescribed project management guidelines for projects.

• Maintain documentation for all operational / support processes for the systems supported; automate repetitive processes where appropriate.

• Stay current with new technologies and techniques as appropriate.

• EU citizenship.


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