AbAKUS it-solutions has a long history of IT service provision, always in a spirit of providing a maximum comfort to his customers.

Services provided cover the all range of activities related to infrastructure management, application development, consulting and auditing, both in times and materials and fixed price mode. For some of our customers, we provide complete outsourcing services.

AbAKUS it-solutions serves more than 100 organisations, either private or public, mainly in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Our objective is to allow our customer to concentrate on their business by proposing them the services that they need not only to perform their tasks, but also to accompany them in improving their efficiency and allowing them to access to the latest technologies.

AbAKUS it-solutions services strengths is proven by:

  • our experience in providing services governed by an SLA;
  • our mastering of monitoring tools to ensure proper functioning of customer’s installations;
  • a standardized baseline contract giving flexible access to multilingual support services (remotely or onsite)
  • our proven capacity to deliver, install and maintain complex computing products;
  • our capacity to access to a wide range of experts to swiftly and efficiently answer to customers’ requests;
  • long term and solid partnership for the provision of computing products;
  • a dynamic and motivated consultants;
  • a proven expertise in application development and maintenance.