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The task/ activities will include:

  • Application architecture and strategy development
  • Application prototyping and piloting
  • Application analysis design and development
  • Application testing and documentation
  • Data or document migration
  • Technical administration

The staff member must demonstrate knowledge and competence in:

  • C# and .Net
  • In depth knowledge and experience in the use of C# and .Net
  • The use of Ling and lambda to handle JEnumerable lists using generics
  • Good understanding of interfaces, classes and abstract classes
  • Understating of Microsoft C# libraries such as WCF
  • Good knowledge of ASP.Net development (although it doesn’t need to be on SharePoint
  • Sharepoint: in depth knowledge and experience in SharePoint and its modules, knowledge and experience in the C# Server Object Model (SOM) and knowledge of SharePoint SOM development with lists, pages, and content types
  • Microsoft development tools and development best practice development processes: visual studio, team foundation, testing frameworks, TFS build/deploy
  • A working knowledge of Design patterns: knowledge about what a singleton, strategy, and factory pattern is and what they’re used for, knowledge of the SOLID development principles

Nice to have knowledge include:

  • OpenXML
  • Microsoft office Addlns development
  • Microsoft WCF integration experience

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