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Expert in it comfort

Do you have experience as release engineer ? Would you like to work in a challenging position ?

Then apply and become our new colleague !!


We are looking for several TRE profiles in different contexts :

  • An expert profile with release management skills in order to join our release board. The mission of this board is to guard the quality of our release and to drive the transformation of release management towards a way that fits in our Agile operating model.
  • A senior profile for the IT4IT tribe to drive the DevOps and Cloud journey for the whole of IT : providing the tool set and ensure its adoption.
  • A senior profile for the Omnichannel Foundation (OCF) to put in place the foundation to provide future proof technologies in order to be modular, open to connect and deliver building blocks for an Omnichannel client experience.
  • A senior profile for the End User and Collaboration Services tribe. The mission of this tribe is to offer appropriate end user devices, infrastructure and services to employees and in some cases to customers of the bank.

Function Description

The Tribe Release Engineer is responsible for the management of the tribe’s releases. In this context, (s)he manages a consolidated release plan for the coming period, based on the plans of the participating squads. (S)He assesses the risks, evaluates timelines, highlights and manages the dependencies, considers contingency plans and orchestrates activities across squads and even tribes.

  • defines, together with the Tribe Management Team members, the tribe’s release strategy;
  • manages the release/roll-out calendar of the tribe and supports the consolidation of the release/roll-out calendars;
  • manages the release scope as well as the release planning;
  • manages the dependencies together with other Tribe Release Engineers;
  • plans and controls the movement of releases between the different environments;
  • monitors the progress of the delivery and discusses potential and actual deviations to the plan in order to solve these;
  • coordinates deployment preparation as well as execution;
  • ensures that the correct service components are installed by promoting the configuration management of the tribe;
  • ensures that the integrity of the production environment is protected.

As a guardian of the tribe’s operational quality, (s)he works together with the Tribe Test Engineer, the Tribe Scrum Masters, the Tribe Product Owners, the Tribe Architect and the Squad members to enhance Delivery Predictability & Release Quality.


  • At least 5 years of proven experience in a similar function
  • Sound knowledge of activities on release management and configuration management
  • Experience in large enterprise.
  • Management of large projects
  • Agile way of working

Place : Brussels

Language : EN + FRorNL

Start : ASAP

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