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  • Recruiter


ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is permanently in search of new talents, in order to do so we are seeking to hire both employee and trainee for our recruitment activities.

The mission is to carry out all the activities related to the recruitment of IT profiles, i.e.:

  • Request analysis and interaction with the requesting client
  • Preparing job Offers
  • Search for profiles in databases
  • Preparation and conduct of interviews
  • Assessment of consultants
  • Support of consultants in the preparation of their CV
  • Presentation of Consultants to Customers
  • Price negotiations
  • Discussion and proposal of salary packages.


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch and/or German

Required Skills

  • We are looking for passionate, persevering and having both commercial and negotiator capacities. Able to be in contact with clients and candidates, he must be able to defend the interest of the company, but also being a worthy representative.
  • A good knowledge of IT, as well as a perfect mastery of the Office tools are appreciated.
  • The candidate must also be prepared to make regular trips
  • The work requires a lot of responsiveness and creativity. You have to have the taste for this type of atmosphere and rhythm.
  • The candidate must also have good analytical and editorial skills.

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