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AbAKUS it-solutions – Your expert in IT comfort! IT comfort is at the same time a mind-set when serving customers, the relations developed with the talents working for the company, a methodological framework and a set of tools put in place to run the business. AbAKUS it-solutions activities are built around 4 axis: – The management IT infrastructure; – The provision of IT expert; – The deployment of IT project either around the ERP Odoo or through adhoc development – Design and reselling of computing products solution (Hardware, Software et cloud solutions) Beside delivering the IT comfort everyone deserves, AbAKUS it-solutions values creating an amazing and exciting working environment where people feel good and where a bit of madness and serious work are not incompatible.

1. DESCRIPTION OF THE TASKS The present request covers functional and technical assistance to ESSI including the following tasks:

- Manage and organize the development team, and define priorities for ESSI evolutions.
- Evaluation and implementation of impacts from legal and standardization frameworks (e.g. eIDAS).
- Enhancement and documentation of the electronic document signature service application platform.
- Deployment of ESSI solutions and infrastructure management in the European Commission environment.
- Market analysis of electronic signature solutions.
- Provision of second-level support and integration assistance to existing ESSI production client projects as well as new client projects.

2. EXPERTISE REQUIRED The tasks will require:
- Strong knowledge of the legal framework of eSignature and Trusted Lists:
- eSignature Directive 1999/93/EC – Services Directive 2006/123/EC
- Commission Decision 2009/767/EC as amended by Decisions 2010/425/EU and 2013/662/EU,
- Commission Decision 2011/30/EU, as amended by the Commission Decision 2014/148/EU
- eIDAS Regulation 910/2014
- Commission Implementing Decisions 2015/1505/EU and 2015/1506/EU.
- Knowledge of the standardisation framework of eSignature and Trusted Lists:
Advanced electronic signature standards and technology, including the ETSI standards for eSignature (CAdES, XAdES, PAdES, ASiC, TSL).
- Strong knowledge of qualified certificate standards and procurement issues.
- Very good experience with eSignature OSS solutions, IT security concepts, and related security hardware such as smartcards, tokens and Hardware Security Modules.
- Experience with complex software architectures and projects with similar technologies and size.
- Knowledge of project management methodologies and capability to reorganize the project management around the ESSI project.
Certifications in PM2, PMP, Scrum or Prince2 are an asset.
- Excellent analytical skills.
- Excellent communication skills, excellent oral & written English.

3. WORKENVIRONMENT / CONDITIONS The work will be done on intra-muros at the Commission’s premises (Luxembourg or Brussels). Access to the internal network of the Commission is essential. DIGIT will supervise and co-ordinate the work.

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