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The future colleague will take over part of the tasks currently carried out by members of the Customer Insights team. The hand-over will be progressive. In the first few months, he will be trained by shadowing one or several team members.

Function description :

Play a major role in managing the Net Promotor Score (NPS) surveys in the currently used tool:

  • Handling, controlling, analysis and upload of employee files every month (mostly via Excel)
  • Design (content and format), analysis and controlling of client selection files for new NPS surveys
  • Programming of new surveys
  • Testing of surveys : define test scenarios & carry out tests
  • Handling of selection & survey data : prepare files for analysis, carry out simple statistical analysis (frequency tables, cross-tabulations …) in Excel and SPSS
  • Optimisation of processes: review current processes & suggest improvements (e.g. automatization)

Act as contact person for the migration of the NPS surveys to the new tool and interactions with all parties involved in the migration (IT, the new software provider, other BNP Paribas (Fortis) departments :

  • Answer questions of the teams in charge of the migration on the AS IS flow in the current tool
  • Contribute to the reflection re. the TO BE flow in the new tool
  • Take part in the implementation of the migration : testing …

Requested skills

Soft Skills

  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Real team player
  • Having strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Capacity to reflect and analyse
  • Capacity to understand the needs of the business and translate those needs into technical solutions

Technical skills:

Mandatory :
  • Good knowledge of French, Dutch and English: be able to understand documents in and meetings held in the 3 languages
  • Excel: advanced knowledge is a must (knowledge of macro’s/visual basic is a plus)
  • Data files: understand how different files are structured and what implications the structure can have on subsequent analysis
 Preferable :
  • SPSS: have prior experience (also of programming) or be willing to learn
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript and/or XML is always welcome

Education/ Experience

  • Master
  • At least 10 years of experience

Why is ABAKUS a great place to work?

IT solutions integrator founded in 1991, ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS positions itself as expert in IT comfort.

Our activities are focused around 4 axes:

  • IT infrastructure management,
  • IT expertise provision,
  • development and deployment projects
  • and reselling of computing products.

Recognised actor on the Public Sector market and toward large IT integration companies, its efficient concept of IT comfort and its IT experts selection mechanism as well as the quality of its doing are spread internationally.

Great place to work, its employees are proud to be part of the AbAKUS it-solutions team for its values of respect, health and work-family balance preservation, the trainings provided and the fun, pleasant and motivating work environment.

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