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Expert in IT Comfort

AbAKUS it-solutions – Your expert in IT comfort!
IT comfort is at the same time a mind-set when serving customers, the relations developed with the talents working for the company, a methodological framework and a set of tools put in place to run the business.
AbAKUS it-solutions activities are built around 4 axis:
- The management IT infrastructure;
- The provision of IT expert;
- The deployment of IT project either around the ERP Odoo or through adhoc development
- Design and reselling of computing products solution (Hardware, Software et cloud solutions)
Beside delivering the IT comfort everyone deserves, AbAKUS it-solutions values creating an amazing and exciting working environment where people feel good and where a bit of madness and serious work are not incompatible.


Min. 5 years experience as Functional Analyst or an equivalent exposure in manipulating data, structuring information for iBPM packages
The following skills are key:
- Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. You know how to break down complex problems that stretch out over several domains into smaller pieces to understand logical links and dependencies.
- You can distinguish essential information and summarise it accordingly.
- You see how information is linked and you recognise common patterns in elements that seem unrelated at first.
- You are able to manipulate a lot of data and structure them
- You have some knowledge of data modelling
- You have been exposed to workflow management and continuous improvement process
- Logical reasoning
- You are willing to learn new Euroclear Businesses, given that the scope will cover all Businesses and entities of the group
- You have a good network within Euroclear to find the right information by yourself
- You are aware of the cost/benefits approach and you are able to anticipate needs and adequately involve architecture teams
- Strong willingness to learn how the future application will be used at Euroclear (training will be provided)
- Good knowledge of the Microsoft Suite Office (especially Excel)

In terms of soft skills :
- Positive attitude and willingness to learn
- Customer-focused, service-oriented and business-minded
- Aware of security and data privacy policies
- Flexibility to quickly adapt in case of unexpected change of priority
- Organisational skills and capacity to work autonomously
- Good knowledge of Human resources process
- Very good knowledge of English language

You also know how to :
- build constructive relationships with all stakeholders, both inside and outside of Euroclear (IT, Operations, external providers,…)
- manage changes and conflicting priorities
- find solutions that meet team needs and constraints
- share knowledge and expertise with others
- react to pressure and still ensure the appropriate choices are taken

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://ha@abakusitsolutions →