IT comfort is simultaneously our philosophy towards our customers, a methodological framework, a set of services and contractual agreements linked to a service-level agreement (SLA).

Having in mind the comfort of our customers changes completely the way we treat them. It has an impact both on the proactive and on the reactive side, as it changes the way we receive and handle requests. It also determines how we communicate with our customers and partners. It is closely connected to service culture.

From the methodological standpoint, the approach respects the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) set of practices whilst adapting them to the size of the project. We put a specific focus on the continuous improvement aspects of the infrastructure we are managing.

For the development activities, IT comfort will push us to make more use of AGILE approaches ensuring that what we are delivering is in line with our customer’s expectations. Structured, efficient and constant interaction with our clients represent the cornerstones of our projects.

IT comfort has been designed to cover our infrastructure Managed Services activities. Concretely, it consists of assistance given by our Service Desk via remote intervention, or missions executed on-site and or purchasing services.

IT comfort is guaranteed by our capacity to advise or deliver directly or indirectly anything – services or computing products – that a company would need in relation to IT: from the switch to the application! It allows our customers to take advantage of the latest innovations and technological advancements.

All this is competed by the usage of a set of tools:

-          SpiceWorks as IT systems management, inventory, and help desk software application.µ


-          Several monitoring tools (

Contractually, IT comfort is a standard contract defining the minimum baseline of services to be provided and a SLA guaranteeing intervention time for a defined targeted infrastructure. It gives priority access to a certain quantity of services.

IT comfort is the comfortable way with which our customers receive our services!

IT comfort’s ultimate objective is to guarantee proper functioning of their technologies, thus allowing them to concentrate on their company objectives.